Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Pre-production and prototype models shown in some cases

Exeeder is driven by a singular, bold goal: to become the foremost carbon reduction champion globally. Our innovative technology is the cornerstone of this mission, enabling us to create products and operational models that effect tangible carbon reductions across diverse industries.

Together, we can #gofurther in crafting a more sustainable future.

Exeeder is at the forefront of a green revolution, committed to significantly reducing carbon emissions through innovative technology and sustainable practices. Our mission is to lead the charge in environmental stewardship, marked by the introduction of our all-electric vehicle delivery service.......Read More

To become the most significant carbon reduction company in the world, RETRO will focus on converting the more than 270 million gas vehicles already on the road to electric drive to catalyze one of the largest reduction in greenhouse gases ever.....Read More

All-electric vehicle local delivery mobile app. Using out own electric pickup, we will begin to decarbonize the local delivery sector. All electric vehicles are welcomed to join our mobile app to help eliminate carbon emissions from local deliveries....Read More

AVANI E4 Electric SUV

The most capable electric scooter in the world. Starting price: $5,700.

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Investment opportunities in our dealership network, and various divisions will be featured in the coming weeks and months. We are near completion of our proprietary funding platform which will be branded Inclusive Funder. The platform will streamline investing in any Derek Automotive company, and will also feature investment offers from other select entrepreneurs.

Patented Proteus Generator

Proteus is the name of our gas-to-electric generator technology. Proteus combines the patented super-low emission counterpoise engine which spins a new highly efficient generator to produce low-carbon electricity (emissions per kilowatt hour of energy is on par with a natural gas power plant) for recharging the battery packs in any electric vehicle. Contact us to learn more..Read more