Derek W. Bailey


Charismatic strategic and long term thinker. He has an implacable record of leading companies to success. His forward thinking of creating a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, will take Derek Automotive to the highest level of noticeable global change. He is passionate about his cause and the challenges that will follow. His leadership and vision will allow us to accomplish the success we picture for our company. “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one's really thinking.”

Steven Branch

President of Affiliate Division & Atlanta Partner

Branch is a Senior Analyst whose network marketing expertise will accelerate the growth of our digital coin and NFT’s. Steve is our Atlanta partner responsible for bringing Derek Automotive to the Atlanta, Georgia region. “Everything was impossible, until one stepped ahead and did it.”

James Banks

Vice President of Government Affairs

James' experience in DC has proven to be a tremendous asset to our company. His involvement in successful campaigns, government relations and contribution to pass GI Bills to offer educational and financial access for African Americans and minorities aligns with our company's goals and motivations. “Drive your business or be driven out.”


Special Advisor for Dealer Strategy and Atlanta Dealership Partner

He serves as a Managing Partner for Derek Automotive Technologies and a key contributor to launching our experience center in Atlanta. His entrepreneurship has resulted in him owning several businesses to include, real estate properties, insurance agency over 50 agents strong and a diversified portfolio of family owned businesses with many restaurants and innovative technology companies. “If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.“

David Tavakoli

Brand Strategist

David has won awards for creating the brand strategy and identity of a few dozen famous brands, such as airlines, banks, and Governments. He posses a strong track record of branding success. David played a big part into our new branding strategy and will continue to play a role in our future endeavors.

Katie Kerl

Vice President of Lifestyle and Client Club

She is a successful residential and commercial interior designer with a keen sense of design who will bring to life our Lifestyle brand through design and deep understanding of the CEO's vision. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication “

Walter Bailey

Special Advisor HR and Philadelphia Dealership Partner

Walter has been in the staffing and HR industry for over 20 years. His expertise will help the company develop its human resources and hiring compliance policies. Walter is also a leader on the development of Electa Motors dealership planned for the Philadelphia region.

James Wiggins

Regional Sales Director

James is a results-focused sales professional and savvy entrepreneur, having founded his own company - AIR, LLC. James has more than 17-years of sales and sales management experience. "I'm joining the Exeeder team because I want to be at the forefront of carbon reduction and sustainability."

Jatel Vercher

Regional Sales Director

Jetel is a former certified BDR and SDR Tesla sales tech representative, who has an even longer track record of sales performance as an entrepreneur representing a range of products and services. "I'm passionate about mentoring youth and ensuring they have a sustainable future. Exeeder's commitment to carbon reduction aligns perfectly with my value system."


Logistics Managers

Exeeder is seeking a mobile app logistics and operations, to structure and operate the back office of our mobile app based delivery business, and add improvements to existing app functionality and conducting market research for new app upgrades.

Must have experience in:
-Developing mobile app design concepts from market requirements
-Vehicle tracking and onboarding into the mobile app database
-Coordinate with field managers and drivers on operational standards and best practices.
-Budgeting for product designs.
-Setting schedules for project completion and adhering to budgets and schedules
-Troubleshooting any design problems that may arise during the design process.

Senior Analyst

Exeeder is seeking a Senior Analyst, or Data Analyst to collect and interpret data to help our company take actionable steps to improve our performance and meet goals. Their duties include gathering company information and statistics, building charts and graphs to present results to executives and finding ways to improve a company’s efficiencies using gathered data.

Must have experience in:
-Gathering and analyzing data
-Interpreting gathered data
-Submitting reports to the relevant department heads and management
-Finding patterns and trends in the analyzed data
-Helping the management and other teams draw business goals and needs
-Establishing new data gathering and analysis techniques within the organization
-Formulating procedural manuals for all departments