Retro by Exeeder®

Retro by Exeeder® is the newest division of Exeeder, Inc. The fast track to greenhouse gas reduction is by retrofitting the legacy fleet (the more than 280MM old cars and trucks USA roads, and 500MM globally) to electric drive.

Before We Dive Into The Company Explanation, A Quick Primer on how the Electric Grid Works.Electric Grids Wastes a Lot of Energy in Transmission. Whether electricity is generated from green sources or fossil fuels, a good amount of the energy generated is wasted during transmission.


If an electric vehicle is using say an 80 kWh battery, recharging that battery contributes to the waste of 12 kW to 32 kW per charge. Multiply that by 100 million vehicles and the magnitude of the potential waste become apparent. Proving that our Proteus generator can produce the same kW hours at a comparable carbon footprint means that we can generate the kWs inside the vehicle and save the transmission line losses, among other benefits such as better load balancing on the grid, until the grid is smarter.

RETRO’s mission is to convert the legacy gas vehicle fleet to electric-drive, and to provide an alternative recharging method for our vehicles so that the vehicles are not totally reliant on the electric grid, which is subject to overloads, and interruptions do to weather and other events.

Using Proteus technology in our vehicle conversions means users will have a "Redundant Charging Option" in their electric vehicle for when the grid is DOWN, OVER-LOADED, or INCONVENIENT TO USE.

By generating clean energy at the point-of-use, Proteus technology will allow the conversion of an unlimited number of vehicles without worrying about grid overload, and in addition, it will bring attention to a new method of energy conservation: reducing transmission line losses by transmitting less electricity and generating more energy at the point of use.


The Next Gigantic Industry

Outlawing the sale of new gas cars will do very little to cut carbon to sufficient levels by 2050. If global leaders are serious about reducing carbon in the transportation sector, then a solution for the higher-emitting older vehicles has to become a part of the equation.



More than 270 million vehicles in the USA alone are candidates for conversion. The industry will need millions of trained conversion technicians to retrofit the nation and world’s existing gas fleets. As the Retrofit industry leader we’ve established a Retro Tech  training program to build a new generation of certified retrofit specialist. We've launched an NFT Project to support this effort.

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